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Latimer Fuel and Service LLC | Latimer,IA | Gas Station

When you need to stop and fill up gas or purchase snacks, Latimer Fuel and Service LLC has what you need. As a full service gas station serving the beautiful Latimer area, our commitment is to your convenience and to providing you with everything you need to get to your destination.

We know people lead busy lives. With so many daily tasks to accomplish, and too little time to do it all, people find themselves zipping from point A to point B with little regard for their own well being. Sometimes in all the hustle, they forget the simple things like eating. That is why we provide quality snacks to enjoy on the road, so you will stay focused on the task at hand.

Because we are committed to providing the best services possible, we specialize in having low prices for our fuel and full service specialties. Along with providing light car repair and tire services, we are your best choice when it comes to driving without hassle.

We also specialize as a propane filling station. Just bring us your empty tank, and we will exchange it with one ready to heat your grill or gas burner in no time at all. As an on site propane filling station, we have plenty of supply to meet your demand.

If you would like to learn more about our gas station in Latimer, IA, speak to us at your earliest convenience here at Latimer Fuel and Service LLC. As a special offer, we provide monthly tire specials to those in need of our services.

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